Jersey Shore Marketing & Insights, LLC helps small business owners and entrepreneurs understand their customers so they can connect with them on an emotional level and convert casual browsers to satisfied repeat buyers.

Colleen Craig, the founder of Jersey Shore Marketing & Insights, is a marketing consultant who has helped connect major household brands in dozens of industries to the right target audiences. Her marketing work has spanned market research, media planning, copy writing, advertising design, and social media. With a passion for understanding not just the who and the what of marketing, but also the why of consumer purchase decisions, she formed the company with the goal of bringing national brand marketing insights to the local level, to help small business owners in her own community at the Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore Marketing & Insights believes in the underdog. In giving small businesses the opportunities and resources they need to bring their unique visions to the next level. In creating meaningful connections between brands and buyers. In innovating new ideas through truly understanding one’s customers. In working together to grow a spark of an idea into a beautiful and profitable business. If you believe in your business and are excited about growing it through authentic customer insights, we’d love to work with you to bring your business dreams to life.