Re-Imagine What Your Business Can Be

Many small business owners are wondering what the future holds right now. Their doors are closed, they’re working online, or maybe not working at all. Even when businesses are allowed to open again, the marketplace is going to look mighty different. It’s a scary time to be a small business owner.

Yet in the midst of all this uncertainty lies an amazing hidden opportunity.

Opportunity? Seriously?

Yes, seriously. Periods of transition are make or break times for businesses. Multiple studies have shown that during recessions, those businesses that kept going through the bad times gained significant amounts of market share both during and after the recession. Major brands have launched and made their mark amidst upheaval. When others are frozen and wondering what to do, the businesses that use the opportunity to take control and move forward, step by step, are the ones that will be around for years to come.

So how do you move forward? We at Jersey Shore Marketing & Insights have worked with dozens and dozens of brands that are household names. We’ve helped them make sense of their data so they understand who their customers are and what makes them tick. We discover the values those customers live by, the passions and hobbies that are important to them, and why they buy the products and services they buy. With these insights, brands can communicate their value in a way that customers “get.” When a customer identifies with an idea that a brand embodies, they not only buy, but they come back for more. And they tell their friends.

Larger national and multi-national companies have many resources available to discover these insights, resources that small businesses in local and regional markets do not.

We think they should.

We’re working to bring that kind of service to the local level here at the Jersey Shore, working to develop the insight resources that small businesses need. We ask the right questions, dig deep, segment the data, and use it to position brands, connect with consumers, and increase sales.

Now is a pivotal time. Some businesses will close. But others will grow. The key is to truly understand and connect with your customers in a way that will resonate with them. It’s not a time to panic. It’s a time to re-imagine everything that your business could be and keep moving forward.

Jersey Shore Marketing & Insights believes in small business, just like we believe in the Jersey Shore. We want to be there to support your small business NOW, when both your need for that support and your opportunity to really grow and thrive are the greatest. So for the next two weeks, we’re offering FREE one-on-one consultations for local small business owners, no strings attached.

Yes, FREE.

Just tell us a little bit about where you’re at, and we’ll set up a free 30-minute video chat with clear, actionable steps you can take right now to help your business get to where it dreams of being in 2020 and beyond. Doesn’t your business deserve to be all it can be?

Click here to claim your free slot before they’re filled up. Offer expires 5/22/20.

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Marketing, Design, & Analytics

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